Voted Best ETF Platform & Best US White Label Platform - By ETF Express US 2023
Voted Best ETF Platform & Best US White Label Platform - By ETF Express US 2023

Tidal ETF FAQs

What services does Tidal provide?

Tidal is a one-stop-shop for ETF services. Our Tidal’s holistic, high-touch solution makes us the only full stack service provider in the industry:

  • Strategic guidance and product planning from industry experts
  • Trust and fund advisory services
  • Fund management and operations services
  • Regulatory & compliance services
  • Portfolio management & trade execution
  • Marketing and Research (ETF Think Tank)
  • Sales and distribution support services
  • ETF & Product Financing

Our combined experience with ETFs totals over 75 years, including previous involvement with firms like GlobalX, Direxion, US Bank, and Barclays. We have collectively launched hundreds of ETFs and we maintain relationships across the ETF ecosystem based on our leadership and track record in the industry.

It sure is! The ETF business is not only complicated but extremely competitive. Our business approach attempts to solve both of these challenges, first by managing the vast majority of the operational elements, and then by supporting you with our full stack solution which encompasses marketing and distribution services. However, we like to under promise and over deliver, so you will not hear any false projections from the Tidal Team. Instead, we will spend time with you to honestly discuss and access your business opportunity and then provide you with honest, unbiased feedback. We believe the health of the ETF market depends on honest conversations such as these, and they are in everyone’s best interest.

This, like many business decisions, is a classic build versus buy decision. We believe that for the majority of new entrants to the ETF space, going the “white label” route is the most efficient means, as it reduces expenditures and allows for the fastest time to market.

Tidal is truly a unique platform in the marketplace. We separate ourselves from others by:

  • Having a best-in-class team! Our team of 52 is comprised of industry experts who are self-described “ETF nerds.” We love this business and share our collective experience with our customers to enable their success.
  • Always taking a partnership approach with our customers. We do not succeed unless you do!
  • Building trust by providing honest feedback through our proprietary assessment process.
  • Providing a full stack offering which includes marketing, distribution, and trading.
  • Remaining flexible to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Being with you every step of the way, especially during the lean times.
Yes, in the sense that a “white label” ETF provider is by definition a platform to help new ETF entrants come to market. However, we do not believe this term does our platform justice, as classic “white label” providers only focus on the operational elements of launching and maintaining an ETF in the market. Instead, our platform goes much further by layering on top of those marketing, distribution, and trading services.
Customization is at the core of what we do! While we think its extremely important for our customers to be able to access all elements of our service, we appreciate that every customer, product, and market cycle is different. So instead, we focus on what our customers needs are and fill those gaps. Everything we do is with ROI in mind.
We offer business intelligence and strategic guidance via our proprietary growth assessment process. The assessment capitalizes on the collective experience and creativity of the team, resulting in a custom growth plan tailored to clients’ needs. We offer this assessment to any and all prospective customers for free. We believe this process of discovery is critical in helping potential new entrants to the space, so they do not make some of the early mistakes.
The ETF business is highly regulated and complicated, therefore the costs do add up and are the #1 barrier of entry to the business. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide a single price level, as pricing varies somewhat considerably based on the product. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing a super transparent and no-surprise proforma for all prospective ETF customers to make the most informed decision possible. Please reach out so that we can provide you with a detailed custom proforma that will perfectly reflect your ETF endeavor.
Our solution allows you to access the ETF market faster than other options on the market. In general, we can take a customer from formally agreeing to launch with us to their first day of trading on an exchange in 100-110 calendar days!
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